TARGATT™ Genome Editing

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Applied StemCell’s proprietary site-specific gene integration technology, TARGATT™ utilizes the φC31 phage integrase system for knock-in of transgenes into a preselected locus in the genome. The TARGATT™ technology overcomes drawbacks of random integration, and is adaptable for gene integration in many different species of animals (mice, rats, rabbits, pigs) and cell lines (including stem cells and immortalized cell lines).

Advantages of TARGATT™ Technology:

  • High integration efficiency (up to 40%)
  • Large transgene knock-in (up to 22 kb)
  • Reduced time and cost
  • Guaranteed, high level expression of the transgene
  • Site-specificity allows a precise comparison of the effects of the transgenes among different lines
  • Site-specific knock-in at pre-selected locus overcomes challenges associates with random integration:
    • Eliminates position effect
    • Integration at intergenic region ensures that no internal genes are interrupted
    • Single copy gene integration eliminates repeat-induced gene silencing and genomic instability


  • Transgene overexpression models (Ex. For bioproduction)
  • Humanized animal models (large gene insertion)
  • Reporter gene insertion models
  • Inducible expression models (Ex. Tet-regulatory systems)
  • Cre - driver lines
  • TARGATT™ Mouse Model Generation

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    ASC’s proprietary TARGATT™ transgenic mouse model generation products offer an affordable do-it-yourself option to generate site-specific transgenic mice very efficiently and in as little as 3 months, in your own animal facility. You can purchase all required components to generate your transgenic "knock-in" mice right here from our ASC website: TARGATT™ mice, TARGATT™ plasmids, transgenic kits for site-specific knock-in of your transgene, and genotyping kits. The TARGATT™ products are manufactured in our ISO:9001 quality management system certified facility.

    Transgenic core facilities currently using the TARGATT™ system, including UCSF, NIH, MaxPlank, Harvard, Colombia and many more!

  • TARGATT™ Knockin Master Cell Line

    Rapid generation of site-directed knock-in cell lines.

    Applied StemCell, Inc., offers a large selection of gene-targeting products including TARGATT™ Site-specific Knock-in Cell Line. The cell line kit includes a master cell line with a TARGATT™ docking site (attP) at a transcriptionally active locus (the Hipp11 locus on chromosome 11; H11), and vectors for TARGATT integrase and DNA integration. With this method, large DNA fragments can be inserted at the H11 locus at high efficiency with robust transgene expression.