Autobioluminescent Toxicity Assay Mix

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The Autobioluminescent Assay Mix is ready-to-transfect and contains everything needed to convert cells to continuous light output for up to 4 days post-transfection. Signal intensity autonomously modulates to reflect metabolic activity dynamics, providing a real-time report of cellular health. Simply transfect cells using any standard method, allow 24-48 hours for reagent uptake and expression, and assay light output continuously for up to 4 days post-transfection.

The ready-to-use assay mix has similar eukaryotic genetic sequences to the pCMVlux vector (CMV Enhancer/Promoter, hluxC, hluxD, hluxA, hluxB, hluxE, and hfrp). Vector does not include the linker regions (F-2A, E-2A, Ta-2a, P-2A, and T-2A).