Cardiomyocytes Differentiation Service from iPSC

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Cardiomyocyte Differentiation Service Details

  • Standard
  • Fully Customizable Service - Inquire

Standard Packaging:

  • Ship 1-2 million iPS cells (1-2 cryovials; 1 million cells/vial); OR
    • With pathogen and SARS-CoV-2 test results
      • Optional Pathogen Testing Service is available
  • Select one of our Control iPS Cell Lines; OR
  • Let ASC generate your iPSCs from your human or non-human samples

Standard Deliverables:

  • Cardiomyocytes differentiated from iPSCs; options available for quantity (Ex. small scale:2 million differentiated cells; medium scale: 2-10 million differentiated cells; large scale: 10-100 million cells).
  • QC data: Antibody staining (cTnT, alpha-SMA) and video of beating differentiated cells (before cryopreservation), recovery, and mycoplasma tests.
  • Milestone updates/ reports

Standard Workflow and Timeline:

iPSC Recovery and Expansion
Pathogen Screening (Optional Add-On)
Directed differentiation to cardiomyocyte
QC: Antibody staining (cTnT, SMA); video (beating cells); recovery test

Timeline: 2 weeks


  • Disease Modeling
  • In vitro drug testing and cardiotoxicity screening
  • Transplantation research
  • Study approaches to regenerative medicine

Video of Beating Cardiomyocytes Differentiated from a Control iPSC Line

The videos seen on the top of the page show beating, cardiomyocytes that were differentiated from an integration-free, control human iPSC line. The cardiomyocytes were on day 3 of recovery after cryopreservation (cryopreserved on day 10 of post-differentiation). The videos were taken by bright-field microscopy at 20x magnification.