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GMP/Clinical Grade iPSC Products and Service - Consultation

Applied StemCell offers GMP iPSC consulting services. As stem cell and genome editing experts with over 13 years of expertise, we seek to assist companies working on developing the next generation of therapeutic products for cell therapy and regenerative medicine with GMP technical and manufacturing support. 

  • CMC Support
  • Technology Transfer
  • Project Design
  • Supply Chain
  • Quality 
  • IND Filing
  • Start-Up Support
  • Training

1. GMP Grade iPSCs

  1. cGMP-Grade iPSC Line: The cells are well characterized and can be genetically modified and further differentiated to various cell types.
    • Source cell type: CD34+ Cord Blood, male
    • Reprogramming method: Episomal
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  1. cGMP-Compliant TARGATTTM Master iPSCs: Ready to insert your GOI. High-quality iPSCs with a pre-engineered landing pad for site-specific, unidirectional gene insertion at a safe harbor locus mediated by TARGATTTM
    • Engineered from ASC’s GMP grade iPSCs using TARGATTTM (No CRISPR)
      • GMP SOP
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2. GMP iPSC Services

GMP Products and Services - Inquire