Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS)

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Whole genome sequencing (WGS) is a process of sequencing the whole genome of an organism or cell against a reference sequence in a single assay to analyze genome-wide genetic variations. WGS uses next generation sequencing (NGS) techniques for a higher resolution, faster and accurate sequencing of the genome. Unlike whole exome sequencing (WES) where only the exons are sequenced, WGS helps identity the whole genomic landscape including the effect of structural and inheritable/ non-inheritable epigenetic variants in the development of diseases. It is already playing an important role as a genomics research tool and in personalized medicine for diagnostics and clinical care. WGS is also becoming increasingly popular in cancer medicine to identify and determine clinical implications of driver mutations and mutational signatures associated with the vast heterogeneity associated with various cancers, and in predicting disease progression and the pharmacogenomic relation between cancer mutations and drug response.  

ASC provides high resolution WGS service for iPSCs, cancer cell lines, primary cells as well as genome edited cell lines, and has the unique and state-of-the-art expertise to meet customer needs with a fast turnaround and highest quality results, including large sequencing projects.

  • Cutting-edge NGS technology and bioinformatics
  • Benchmark quality scores and base calling accuracy (Q30) and guarantee (≥ 80%)
  • Affordable and fast turnaround without compromising quality of data

ASC’s WGS sequencing is ideal for sequencing your patient samples (Ex. Cancer, rare and pediatric diseases), clan genomics for genetic disorders, determining copy number variations (CNV) and associating variants with inheritable diseases, somatic and germline variant detection, discovering biomarkers and drug targets, association between epigenetic variants and gene expression as well as in basic research to confirm the integrity of your cell line and gene(s) of interest.

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