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Applied StemCell, Inc. offers various services related to animal models including conventional transgenic mice, transgenic rats, and phenotype analysis. Applied StemCell, Inc. has an AAALAC accredited animal facility and all mice and rats are generated within the USA.

Comprehensive Technology Platform for Gene Editing

Methods Technical Advantage
TARGATT™ phiC31 integrase Site specific integration (H11 or ROSA26)
Works for large DNA Knock-in (-22kb)
CRISPR / Cas9 High specificity
High frequency in Knockout, Conditional Knockout
Ease of use
Works for large DNA knock-in (-10kb)
  • Leading CRISPR service company. Find our name in Nature Biotechnology. CRISPR technology licensed from Broad Institute.
  • Our experts help you to select most suitable gene editing technology for your projects. CRISPR/Cas9 is a powerful new tool we use to generate mouse or rat models with point mutation(s), small reporter gene insertions, conditional or regular knockout(s). For knock-in large DNA fragments in mice, our unique site-specific knock-in technology TARGATT™ has the advantage over CRISPR on higher insertion efficiency.
  • Applied StemCell's animal facility (California) has earned accreditation from AAALAC International (the Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care International). We ship animals internationally.
  • Please feel free to talk with us - we are friendly and happy to discuss your projects and provide you with strategic options to fit your budget and research needs.

FAQ for Knock-in and Knock-out Models (General)

1. What mouse strain is available?
The most commonly used strain is C57BL6. Other strains are available upon request.

2. How many founders are we supposed to receive?
We guarantee at least one founder. We strongly recommend having F1 breeding and genotyping done at our facility to ensure that founders go germline with multiple F1 positive animals.

3. How do you invoice the project?
For academic users, 30% non-refundable experimental design and material preparation fee, followed by milestone payments upon completion of each milestone.

4. Do we own the mouse model generated by your service?
If you choose fee for service, you have the full right to the generated mouse model.

5. Can we obtain the plasmid?

6. Can you design targeting vectors that would work for both the mouse model and cell line?
Yes, if the cell line is derived from the same mouse strain.

7. I live in Germany. Can I order services?
Yes. You can either directly order from us or through our distributor in Germany.

8. What is AAALAC?
AAALAC International is a private, nonprofit organization that promotes the humane treatment of animals in science through voluntary accreditation and assessment programs. AAALAC stands for the "Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care." AAALAC is where science and responsible animal care connect.

9. Do you generate mouse outside of USA?
No. All work is done in the silicon valley bay area, California, USA.


Applied StemCell offers various services related to animal models, including conventional transgenic mice, our patented TARGATT™ knock-in and knock-out mouse models, transgenic rats and phenotype analysis.