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Strain Information

  • Catalog Number ASTG-00025
  • Model Name CAG-LSL-dCas9-SPH
  • Strain Name C57BL/6-Tg(CAG-LSL-dCas9-SPH)Asc
  • Background C57BL/6
  • Coat Color Black
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Cre-dependent SunTag-p65-HSF1 (SPH) transgenic mice were generated with piggyBac transposon system in F1 zygotes and crossed with wild type C57BL/6 mice., SPH transgenic mouse containing HA-tagged dCas9 fused with 10xGCN4, which is linked with p65-HSF1 and EGFP in tandem via P2A and T2A respectively. The transgene is driven by the ubiquitous CAG promoter and interrupted by a loxP-stop-loxP (LSL) cassette to render Cas9 expression inducible by the Cre recombinase. Expression of dCas9 can be detected using primary antibody: rabbit monoclonal antibody to HA-tag (1:1000, #3724, CST45) and secondary antibody: goat anti-rabbit Alexa Fluor 488 (1:1000, #A-11034, Thermo Fisher).