PD-1 & PD-L1

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Strain Information

  • Catalog Number ASHU-00100
  • Model Name PD-1 & PD-L1
  • Strain Name C57BL/6 - Pdcd1em1(hPDCD1) Cd274em1(hPD - L1)/Asc
  • Mutation Type Humanized
  • GENE Synonyms PD-1, Pdc1, Ly101, B7h1, Pdl1, Pdcd1l1, Pdcd1lg1, A530045L16Rik
  • Human Orthologs PDCD1, CD274
  • Emsamble ID ENSMUSG00000026285, ENSMUSG00000016496
  • MGI ID 104879, 1926446
  • NCBI ID 18566, 60533
  • Background C57BL/6
  • Coat Color Black
  • Mutation Type Humanized
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Strategy for Generating Humanized PD-1 Mouse Model

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Strategy for Generating Humanized PD-L1 Mouse Model

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Expression of hPD-1 and hPD-L1 was Confirmed by Flow Cytometry in Double-humanized PD-1 and PD-L1 Mice

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Figure 1. The expression of human PD-1 and PD-L1 in double humanized PD-1&PD-L1 mice was confirmed by FACS.

In Vivo Validation of the Double Humanized PD-1 and PD-L1 Mice Demonstrate Their Suitability for Antibody Efficacy Studies

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Figure 2. In vivo validation of double humanized PD-1&PD-L1 mice. The double humanized mice were inoculated with MC38 cells, and randomly assigned to different groups (n=8) when the tumor grew to a volume of 100 mm3. A combinatorial treatment of anti-PD-L1 and anti-PD-1 demonstrated a noticeable improvement in efficacy of the drugs compared to the same dose of single agent (top figure) without affecting the body weight of the animals (bottom figure).

Immunotherapy, cancer research, drug screening