CD47 (BALB/c, 2)

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Strain Information

  • Catalog Number ASHU-210359
  • Model Name CD47 (BALB/c, 2)
  • Strain Name Balb/c-Cd47em1(hCD47)/Asc
  • Mutation Type Humanized
  • GENE Synonyms IAP, Itgp, AA407862, AI848868, AW108519, 9130415E20Rik, B430305P08Rik
  • Human Orthologs CD47
  • Emsamble ID ENSMUSG00000055447
  • MGI ID 96617
  • NCBI ID 16423
  • Background Balb/c
  • Coat Color White
  • Mutation Type Humanized
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The endogenous mice Cd47 gene was replaced by human CD47 gene. While hCD47 (BALB/c) (Catalog No. ASHU-2000022) mice function similarly to hCD47 (BALB/c, 2) mice.
Immunotherapy, drug screening