• CRISPR Point Mutation Rat Models
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    CRISPR Point Mutation Rat Models

Point Mutation Rat Model Generation

Point mutation mouse models are generated by inserting or replacing in one or more variant nucleotides in selected gene(s). These models are very important to study the importance of specific nucleotides or amino acids in gene expression or protein function and for disease modeling. As one of the earliest providers of CRISPR-based custom mouse model generation services, Applied StemCell can generate defined constitutive or conditional point mutation knock-in models using CRISPR/Cas9. We can generate your point mutation founders/ F1 germline transmitted animals using our optimized and efficient protocols, with a high success rate. All mouse models are generated in our facilities under AAALAC accreditation and IACUC oversight. We can also ship animals worldwide or as cryopreserved embryos.

  • Highly optimized and efficient protocols
  • High-efficiency gRNA for high Cas9 target cutting efficiency
  • In vivo gRNA validation 
  • F1 breeding to confirm germline transmission
  • Dedicated project management and timely milestone and final reports
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