New! hACE2 Mouse Models (mACE KO & hACE2 KI), K18 promoter, H11 locus

2021-Summer-hACE2 model

Applied StemCell, Inc. (ASC) is proud to present three site-specific humanized ACE2 mouse models engineered to support COVID-19 research. These humanized ACE2 (hACE2) models can help accelerate studies focused on understanding the severe pathogenesis of the coronavirus and can be used for antiviral drug and vaccine efficacy testing.

Leveraging its site-specific TARGATT™ technology, ASC produced two models that were launched last September with the K18-hACE2 transgene integrated into a well-characterized safe harbor locus, mH11 (580-1) or mRosa26 (580-2). The new disease-relevant K18 promoter-driven fully humanized ACE2 mouse model (580-6) contains hACE2 at the H11-locus but mACE has been knocked out!

These mouse models are available for worldwide shipping!

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